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I (Andy) don’t usually advertise things but here I make an exception, to encourage you to participate in the Path of Love process. This exception reflects the very high regard I have for the Path of Love – if everyone were to participate, we would be living amazing lives in an amazing world!

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I myself participated in the Path of Love in 2006.  By the end of the process I felt completely clean, like a newborn baby, and I found a huge compassion in my heart that I had never suspected was there.  Since then I have been helping to staff the Path of Love on a regular basis – it never fails to get me out of my head and into my heart.  I have been involved with many group processes over the years and I am in no doubt that the Path of Love stands out, in a league of its own.

What is the Path of Love?  It is a one week, intensive residential group process, undertaken as a retreat without communication with the outside world.  During the week, we explore what it is to be human, with an emphasis on accepting, owning and celebrating all aspects of our being and transforming those parts which are no longer serving us.  Although the process is structured, each person’s journey is unique, as we face our own particular issues and personality.

The process helps us to get in touch with our deepest longings and find our own intensity, in order to bring about a shift in the areas of life where we feel stuck or dissatisfied.  There are many elements to the process, including exposure work (by this, I don’t mean getting naked, rather talking about those things that we feel confused, ashamed or guilty about), some catharsis, therapeutic parts, meditation and much more.  Although the emphasis is on our humanness, the Path of Love is founded in spirituality.  Finding our own way to connect with the divine is very much a part of the journey.

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Highly skilled and experienced facilitators support the whole process and the practical needs of the participants are tended to, allowing them to go deeper into themselves.  There are typically 20 to 40 participants and a similar number of staff who hold the energy of the space, creating a safe and non-judgemental field.

If you give yourself one gift this year, or even this lifetime, make it the Path of Love!

The Path of Love takes place at various locations around the world.  More information can be found at