Andy is often in remote locations with limited access to the internet, or even phone reception.  Also, he does not use a smartphone, so messaging apps are no use.  The best way to contact him is to send an e-mail or text.

E-mail (you won’t be able to cut and paste this): 

Telephone:  +44 7551593316       (Text only please)

Please note that Andy’s phone numbers change from time to time.  Check this page for the up-to-date number(s).

Post:  Andy lives a life of no fixed abode.  Once in a blue moon he collects paper mail sent to:
Thorn Cottage, Chagford, Devon, TQ13 8DU, UK.  Incidentally, this secluded cottage is available for holiday lets; it sleeps 6 and is ideal for a meditation retreat; there is more info at

If you want to know what Andy’s plans are, there usually aren’t any!  However, you could take a look in the whereabouts page.

Andy Beer in the desert

photo by Vela