What is satsang?

Satsang is a meeting of people who are exploring the truth of who they are and of their place in existence.  Satsang usually takes the form of questions and answers.  However, it may also be more of a discourse, an open discussion forum, or a meeting in silence.

opening bud

Apart from sharing our understanding with words, there is a more mystical energetic aspect to satsang, a resonance which occurs when we come together with a similar consciousness and presence.

The word ‘satsang’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘satsanga’.  It is sometimes translated as ‘meeting with the truth’ or ‘sitting with a master.’

Satsang with Andy

Andy offers satsang in the question and answer form, always rooted in a tremendous presence.

You are welcome to come and ask your own questions, regarding your spiritual exploration, or simply to sit in the energy of the meeting and listen to Andy’s responses to others’ questions. 

Andy is happy to offer satsang whenever the occasion arises.  Check the future whereabouts page for information on his travel plans.  Feel free to invite him!

You might like to watch a short YouTube video which was an invitation to the April 2016 satsang series in the Dharamsala area.

Recordings of earlier satsangs

Short audio extracts, from the recent series and previous satsangs in Dharamsala, Tiruvannamalai, Göteborg and Koh Phanang, are available as mp3 files to download.