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This page contains links to short YouTube videos of Andy speaking.

The length of each video is shown in minutes and seconds.

Can we live life from an inner smile?  (7:47)  uploaded 22nd November 2016, from the in a nutshell series.

Satsang  (5:26)  uploaded 4th April 2016

Motivation   (12:48)  uploaded 1st December 2015

Dawn Chorus: Rays   (3:42)  uploaded 15th March 2015, from the dawn chorus series

Try floating in the ocean  (5:52)  uploaded 12th January 2013, from the things to try series

There is no Why?  (5:20)  uploaded 7th January 2013, in a nutshell series

Beyond enlightenment   (6:12)  uploaded 11th October 2011, in a nutshell series

What is meditation?  (4:21)  uploaded 11th October 2011

Satsang and Tiruvannamalai   (6:03)  uploaded 1st October 2011, see also satsang

Try taking a walk in the woods   (4:24)  uploaded 28th September 2011, things to try

Reiki 1   (6:09)  uploaded 24th September 2011, see also the reiki page

Dawn Chorus: Pine cone   (4:09)  uploaded 22nd September 2011, from dawn chorus

Dawn Chorus: Fig leaf   (5:20)  uploaded 22nd September 2011, from dawn chorus

Gospel of Thomas 23   (5:32)  uploaded 9th September 2011, from gospel of Thomas

Take another look at reiki   (7:14)  uploaded 8th September 2011, see also reiki

and nothing in particular to do with

blood moon  (0:15)  uploaded 2nd August 2018