book projects

Here you will find information about various books written by Andy.  At present, all these books are in development, prior to publication.  Click on a book title to read more about it, including its publication status.

Contact Andy if you would like to receive an e-mail notifying you when a book is published (but don’t hold your breath).  Also get in touch if you are a publisher interested in adding any of the books to your list.

Children’s picture books

These picture books, suitable for children upto the age of 7, tell simple stories whilst conveying deep spiritual messages.  Reading such stories to young ones will lay a foundation in their consciousness which will allow their spiritual path to unfold more easily when the time comes, much later in life. 

original artwork by Divyaratna

sample 25

Sammy the Snail: Where is home?

Sammy the Snail: Sammy is thirsty

Sammy the Snail: Sammy is afraid

The seed that was waiting to grow

The life of water

Books about reiki

For couples who want to play with reiki in an intimate way:
Reiki for lovers

Also, here is a little book, written by Andy in the mid 1990s, which you can download as a pdf document:
Reiki is

Other spiritual books

Transcriptions of the series of talks featured on this website, such as:
The Taste of Enlightenment

Guest books

This book has not been written by Andy but he likes it.
The Divine Dance in the Sacred Landscape of Britain