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Most of the teachings in abeing.org are in the form of audio recordings.  However, from this page you will find some written material.

in the first person – an occasional blog written by Andy, looking at the human side of the spiritual journey

tiny poems – written by Andy, with a hint of haiku about them

longer poems – written by Andy

science and mystery – a look at the scientific method and why this is not at odds with the understanding of a mystic

book projects – mostly as yet unpublished

idle thoughts in India – musings written by Andy and originally published in the newsletter of the Reiki Network

mystic rose – an old article written by Andy describing his experiences when first participating in the Mystic Rose meditation process

The path of love page encourages you to participate in this remarkable retreat.

New: You can find out about Andy’s novel design for a meditation stool on the T-stool page.

You can read a short biography of Andy here.