What is reiki?

Reiki is a subtle energy linking the unmanifest and manifest worlds.  The main characteristic of this form of energy is to bring harmony into being.  Anyone can gain access to reiki energy by a simple one-off initiation process, carried out by a reiki master.  Thereafter, reiki will flow through the hands of the practitioner whenever they are held still, on or near a being who is experiencing disharmony.  In practice, this means that reiki can be used to promote personal growth and to greatly enhance the natural healing processes on all levels: physical and emotional, mental and spiritual.  More significantly, reiki can be explored as a spiritual path in its own right.


Andy and reiki

Andy has been practising reiki since 1993 and has been teaching reiki since 2001.  His teaching of reiki emphasizes the use of reiki for self growth and self healing, and the deeper potential of reiki when explored as a spiritual path.

A small book, Reiki is, written by Andy in the mid 1990s, is available as a pdf download.

Listen to Andy talking about reiki on YouTube, in Take another look at reiki

In another YouTube video, Andy talks about the Reiki 1 course

Reiki courses

Andy teaches the following courses in reiki, upon request.  Each level brings about a significant expansion in consciousness and is a major step in your personal growth.  If you would like to be taught and initiated into reiki by Andy, contact him.

Reiki 1:   A two day course including initiation, teaching and practice.  After the course you will be able to treat yourself and others with reiki.

Reiki 2:  Usually three days, including initiation, teaching and practice.  This level of reiki teaching equips you to give distance treatments, ie. send reiki to someone who is not physically present with you. 

Reiki 3:  Andy takes an unusual approach to teaching the third, master, level of reiki.  The third level is split into several modules, each of which can be undertaken without any commitment to continue with the later modules.  Furthermore, there are two streams of modules available: one stream focusses on learning to pass on reiki to other people; the other stream focusses on using reiki as the basis of one’s own spiritual path.  In either case, the teaching is mostly carried out one-to-one.  Follow the links below for more information.

Reiki 3 for teaching

Reiki 3 as a spiritual path