what's it all about?

lunar eclipse

What is spirituality?  This series of short talks is intended for the absolute beginner.  It gives an introduction to the field of spirituality.  If you are new to this area of life, also listen to the series on mindfulness.

The episodes are best listened to in sequence, starting from the top.
Recorded from January to April 2011, in India.

introduction to spirituality
spirituality and religion
what is enlightenment?
stages of the journey
components of the path
theory and practice
therapeutic groups
how long does it take?
attitudes  (listen also to the series on attitudes)
two ways of knowing
awareness and presence
misconceptions about enlightenment
what is a mystic?
what is meditation?
who is a master?
the most important thing
what is tantra?  (there is also a series on tantra)
psychology and spirituality
what’s with the moon?