things to try

Andy Beer hugging tree

In this ongoing series of short talks, Andy suggests some things to try.  When playing with these ideas, it is good to keep an open mind: an attitude of not knowing what might happen, as if you are new in the world and want to explore it.  Then bring your full awareness to the exercise; become sensitive to any sensations, emotions or unusual thoughts that arise in you.

Most of the things to try are simple and suitable for everyone.  Later episodes include, occasionally, more advanced exercises.  Even if you are a total beginner, you can also try such advanced exercises but they involve a subtlety which might elude you to begin with.  There are also a few suggestions regarding lifestyle, which require a more prolonged discipline to explore.

Don’t expect all of the methods to do something for you.  Each of us is a unique bundle of energies, so some things will be useful for one and not for another.  If one of the suggestions seems to bring something unusual, deep or magical, into your consciousness, play with it some more.  Feel free to change the rules of the game and always remember, there is no “correct result.”  Above all, be playful and enjoy these things to try!

You can try these things at random.
You can watch Andy on a couple of YouTube 
videos, suggesting we Try taking a walk in the woods 
Try floating in the ocean.
You might also like to try the guided Meditations and some of the practices suggested in the series on Mindfulness.
Photo by Mia.



try lifting water
try making space for stillness


try being compassionate with yourself  (lifestyle)
try lying on a hot rock
try comparing sensations
try visualizing the inside of your head
try bringing your awareness to your centre point
try going for a long walk
try catharsis in the ocean


try sensing your heartbeat
try feeling the breeze on your face
try taking the plunge
try bringing the awareness to the third eye
try sitting by a mountain stream
try bringing awareness to tension in the body


try micro meditation   (lifestyle)


try wearing natural fibres   (lifestyle)
try not wearing underwear
try walking barefoot
try being a pilgrim


try swimming in the rain
try watching clouds
try sunbathing
try sunbathing on your sides


try floating face down


try watching a wild animal
try tossing a coin to make decisions
try being alone
try riding a bicycle no hands
try sitting with a problem
try going into the mountains
try simplifying your life
try talking less
try eating less
try being vegetarian
try making more eye contact
try playing in the waves
try watching waves breaking
try spending time by the ocean
try spending time in the forests
try going into a desert
try lying down in a meadow
try leaning against a standing stone
try rewarding your mind
try breathing from the belly
try listening to bamboo
try watching a sunset
try watching a sunrise
try looking at the stars
try making love with eye contact
try gazing into an open fire


try looking at a dead leaf
try watching a leaf fall
try standing on a tree stump
try kicking through some fallen leaves
try touching a tree
try floating in the ocean
try watching a river flow
try floating down a river
try jumping from a cliff
try talking to a tree
try baptizing yourself
try being naked
try listening to a babbling brook
try listening to a bird singing