received wisdom

received wisdom 33291

In this series, now complete, Andy talks about some of the teachers who influenced his own spiritual development.  For each teacher, he also talks about one or two key teachings.

received wisdom: introduction
Elaine Harris: a prawn of the universe
Alan Watts: Zen as a fusion of Buddhism and Tao

J Krishnamurti: the limits of the thinking mind (you might also be intrested in the series Reflections on Krishnamurti)
Elisabeth Meyer: yes, it is possible
yoga teacher: no need for comfort
Neeru: try to lose it
Ramesh Balsekar: you don’t have a problem
Osho: enjoy sexuality
John Veltheim: opening a chink in the armour
young Indian
: meditation brings miracles
Rafia Morgan: relaxed confidence
Turiya Hanover: can we die with open hands?
Prem Shola: a non-teaching teacher
Mountains: silent consciousness
Trees: teachers without egos