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This page contains guided meditations in the form of audio recordings.  For each meditation, there are two files.  One contains some instructions to help you to prepare for the meditation.  The other contains the guided meditation itself.

You will also find a recording of meditation chimes and some audio suitable for sitting in silence (with chimes at the end).

Some of the file sizes are large.
For other meditation ideas, take a look at the Things to Try.
For some basic instructions for silent sitting mediation, listen to the last 4 episodes of the mindfulness series.

Sun and Moon meditation

Each of us has both a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect, regardless of whether we are man or woman.  This guided meditation puts us in touch with the energy of the sun, to replenish our masculine energy, and the energy of the moon, ro replenish our feminine energy.  The meditation itself lasts for quarter of an hour.

preparation for sun and moon meditation
sun and moon meditation

Secret Garden meditation

This gentle guided meditation helps us relax and nourish ourselves.  It can be used any time but is especially helpful when we are feeling overwhelmed by life.  The meditation itself lasts for quarter of an hour.

preparation for secret garden meditation
secret garden meditation

Letting Go meditation

This guided meditation, first published in the series on Death, helps us to become aware of our attachments and, with luck, to let go of those attachments.  The meditation itself lasts for half an hour.

preparation for letting go meditation
letting go meditation

Left Right Balancing meditation

This thirty-minute guided meditation helps us to balance the energy between the left and right sides of the body.  This also represents a balancing of the feminine and masculine aspects within us.  When this yin-yang pair is balanced, a profound integration can occur.

preparation for left right balancing meditation
left right balancing meditation

Silence and meditation chimes
These silent sitting audio tracks begin with a single chime and end with 3 chimes.  The ‘meditation chimes’ file contains simply the triple sounding of the chimes, which you might want to use as an alarm sound on a suitable device, rather than listening to the silent audio.  There are no instructions here for silent sitting meditation; rather you can find some basic instructions in the last 4 episodes of the mindfulness series.

silence 5 minutes
silence 10 minutes
silence 15 minutes
silence 20 minutes
silence 30 minutes
meditation chimes