in a nutshell

greedy squirrel

The brief observations and poems from the homepage, read and commented upon by Andy.

This is an ongoing series.

The episodes can be dipped into in any order.
Recorded from 2010 onwards in various places around the world.
You can also watch a few YouTube videos of Andy giving talks in this series, using the links on the video page.

Latest episode:

victimhood empowerment surrender


makes it all worthwhile
can we live life intimately?
can you feel the beauty of it?
can you feel the ages?
missing the point
being ones ordinary self
your concept of yourself
do you want intimacy?
we are but leaves falling from a tree
getting one step ahead of ourselves
only from silence
psychology and enlightenment
a potent cocktail
this life is a gift
slices of mango
its good to be empty
not both
subtle fragrance
the human condition


the small and the large
pride and shame
forget about words
thinking mind is neurotic
when you find yourself...
can the witness disappear?
space without cleavage
it’s all just happening
heartbeat of existence
stop analysing!
relaxing in a warm bath
this is divine
the ending of hope
beauty is felt in silence
stripping away of identity
choose choicelessness
there is joy
what are you trying to achieve?
the greatest joy
perfect day
moment of stillness
living as a buddha
we are all wearing make up
who are you when you are alone?


moment felt as perfect
in the beginning
most thoughts are neurotic
life is not an audition
mind the gap
the word emptiness
watching clouds
this moment is fragile
remnants of snow
stop torturing yourself
spontaneous action
all your eggs
making yourself up as you go along
a beautiful chaos
  (100th episode of In a Nutshell!)
this moment is gorgeous
are you ready for peace?
I am   and yet   I am not
to be free
inner divisions
become a disciple of existence
first breathe in then breathe out
stone in the shoe
cover story
buddha nature contains all
social convention
many things drop away
presence is the key
truth beauty love
the most difficult thing
all is perfect
each moment is an invitation
if you want to be
it’s okay to be happy
inner smile
  (also available as a video)
the easy part
be alone
thanks for this moment
into emptiness
thinking, feeling, being
alone on a mountaintop


with every step
to live in truth
at every point
this being is a buddha
orgasm of peace
to live your fullest potential
simplify life
tasting existence
allow the present moment
we are all playing hide and seek
a moment without thoughts
without comparison
sound yields to silence
be concerned with the present moment
humanness is a playground
live without a story
life is a dance
joy and gratitude
equal of god


cotton robes
bare foot touches the earth
a pause at the chai shop
drunk again
to be mindful, empty the mind
we relax into who we are
this is it
that which can be grasped


there is no why
when we measure
enlightenment is simple
freedom and sex
if you want to meet God
let your dying thought be yes
can we simply be?
look, life is amazing!


seeing others as buddhas
a deep chill
fertile terraces


incoming tide
ready to die
collateral damage
blank page
all we need do
total fulfilment
truth is found in silence
truth has no lineage
truth is found in solitude
look in!
flaking paint
your smile
do not follow a mystic
dog laps at puddle
fulfilled when alone
can we dance?
sip of tea
the deep cannot be objectified
the pond
absolute and relative truth
desire and fear
life’s a beach
beyond enlightenment


the willow and the birch
greedy squirrel
no such word
soft clouds
waves crashing
as if making love
meditation is
meditation is not enlightenment
leave no stone unturned
fruit of the old cactus
the grass is always greener
the good news
before enlightenment
enlightenment is anarchic
truth and prejudice
especially ordinary
well worn paving stones
sudden or gradual