Here you will find audio recordings of Andy speaking.  All the teachings here were extemporaneous talks, with the exception of the readings at the bottom of the page.

Most of the series contain short recordings or extracts of about five to ten minutes each.  Each series is available as a set of simple files to download, in mp3 format.  There is no fee.

The series are listed below in alphabetical order but here is a rough guide to the level of difficulty, or subtlety, involved with the teachings:
A good place to start: 
What’s it all about?, Mindfulness and Many streams, One river.
Try some meditations:  
Things to Try and Meditations.
Other simple teachings:  
Dawn Chorus, AttitudesEchoes of Gautam Buddha, Received Wisdom and Tantra.
The psychology of the ego:  
Comfort Blankets and House of Cards.
A little more challenging:  
The Taste of Enlightenment, Reflections on Krishnamurti and Death.
Plunging into paradox:  
In a Nutshell and Beyond Duality.
Snippets of Satsang and Gospel of Thomas include the whole range of difficulty.


A series looking at some attitudes which are worth encouraging in oneself to help with our spiritual journey.

twin bamboo C8N50888 T

Beyond Duality
A more advanced series looking at various instances of duality which are transcended during the spiritual journey.

comfort blanket

Comfort Blankets
A series exploring those things we are reluctant to let go of: our attachments.


Dawn Chorus
Each episode in this on-going series of short talks is inspired by something in the natural world.

smoke C8N69757

A small series of talks looking specifically at death in relation to the spiritual journey.  The series includes a guided meditation on letting go.

flower C8N71843BS

Echoes of Gautam Buddha
Commentaries on a few of the teachings of Gautam Buddha, suitable for beginners.

GoT 32910

Gospel of Thomas
Commentaries on the teachings of Jesus as contained in the Gospel of Thomas.

house of cards C8N79999AT

House of Cards
A series of talks comparing the structure of the ego to a house of cards.  Pull any one card out completely, and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

greedy squirrel

In a Nutshell
An on-going series, comprised of the brief observations and poems from the homepage, read and commented upon by Andy.

streams C8N16407AT

Many Streams, One River
A series of short talks looking at each major religion and spiritual tradition in turn, giving a brief overview.  Suitable for beginners.

meditation chimes C8N51768

This page contains a few guided meditations.  There are also audio tracks for silent sitting, with meditation chimes at the end of the period.  (For other meditation ideas, have a look at the Things to Try.)

mindfulness glow

A short series serving as an introduction to mindfulness for the beginner.

received wisdom 33291

Received Wisdom
In this short series, Andy talks about some of the teachers who influenced his own spiritual development.  For each teacher, he also talks about one or two key teachings.

old fellow

Reflections on Krishnamurti

In this series, Andy comments on some quotations from the great 20th century spiritual teacher, J. Krishnamurti.

lotus C8N39722S

Snippets of Satsang
A collection of selected short extracts from satsangs given by Andy.   The recordings are mostly from satsangs given in Tiruvannamalai and Dharamsala, India.  There are also a few extracts from a Göteborg series and a satsang on Koh Phangan, Thailand.

buddhist tantra

In this short series of talks we explore various aspects of tantra.

Andy Beer with lotus

The Taste of Enlightenment
In this series of short talks, Andy speaks on 63 aspects of the enlightened state of being.

Andy Beer hugging tree

Things to Try
Words can only take us so far.  This series of talks contains suggestions of small practical exercises which you can try for yourself.  The page includes some written hints on how to approach the suggestions.

level 10 P1080635S

The Waterfall
Here Andy explores a particular mountain valley in Himachal Pradesh, using it as a metaphor for the spiritual journey.  This series is now complete.

lunar eclipse

What’s it all about?
A series of short talks giving an introduction to spirituality for the absolute beginner.

Reading P1020697

Poems and other things read by Andy.

frangipani C8N70413AT

Links to short YouTube videos of Andy.